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Post 137: PWAS 50th Anniversary More Pictures Part 2

PWAS 50th Anniversary continued - Part 2

Recently, the Prince William Art Society celebrated 50 YEARS! Isn't that awesome! The members celebrated that golden milestone on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm located at 15850 Sunshine Ridge Lane, Gainesville, VA 20155. Their website is https://www.thewineryatsunshineridgefarms.com/

In my previous post I had my photographs as well as a few that a friend of mine took and those are found in this blog post: https://donnascavepainting.blogspot.com/2021/06/pwas-50th-anniversary-celebration-at.html so be sure and view those too.

On with the show...

I wish I had asked what was on the mantle, an interesting object is it not? If anyone knows, let me know! Artwork above L to R is 1. "Strutting My Peacock Stuff" by Donna Liguria, 2. Jim Gallagher, 3. unknown, 4. Jim Gallagher, unknown.

The photographs were taken by various PWAS members so I am not sure to whom the credits toll.  The first two artworks above from left to right is by Bettie Sperty, 3. unsure, 4. Bettie, 5. unsure. I will update if I learn more, so please let me know!

Artwork L to R: 1. unknown, 2. unknown, 3. Wendy Zaidman

Artwork above L to R: 1. unknown, 2. Sandra McClelland Lewin, 3. Kelly Haneklaus

This is the upstairs of the winery which is available for lots of events. The view from the windows is AWESOME and the view in the room is awesome because of the artwork AND the PWAS members!

Above artwork is by Jim Gallagher

Prince William Art Society is 50!

Nothing Bundt Cakes, delicious morsels of giddy goodness. Located at 7324 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville, VA 20155 and their website is https://www.nothingbundtcakes.com/products?utm_source=google&utm_medium=menu

Margaret Angela Franklin, Herb Williams, Nancy Kyme and my mug shot.

Margaret Angela Franklin, the Woodbridge District Supervisor

Bettie Sperty and Herb Williams, the Arts and Recreation Specialist for Prince William County

Nancy Kyme

Sandra McClelland Lewin, PWAS President did the opening honors and introductions, and Mr Sperty played guitar, although not at the same time.

Table Decorations were lovely, doubly so because artwork was also added for door prizes by PWAS members.

The view from the upper room at the Sunshine Ridge Farm Winery of Manassas Lake

Jewell Pratt Burns, a founding member of PWAS and the Scholarship Program initiator.

Rosemary Shatz with a door prize

One of mine, "Saltwater Aquarium" 16x20 framed acrylic on stretched canvas by Donna Liguria

Table Decorations, some of them edible

Victor Angry, the Neabsco District Supervisor

AND these are the other 3 paintings of mine on display at the winery until about June 29, 2021:

"No One Teaches Riding So Well As A Horse" 18x24 acrylic on stretched canvas by Donna Liguria

"Mount Everest" 16x20 framed acrylic on stretched canvas by Donna Liguria

"Strutting My Peacock Stuff" 18x24 acrylic on stretched canvas by Donna Liguria

Photo Curtesy of Ana Quispe: Me between my horse and peacock paintings.

Photo Curtesy of Ana Quispe: My good friend, Teresa Jackson of TG Hair FX in Belmont Bay won a door prize as well.

A good time was had by all. Special thanks to the PWAS Anniversary committee for making the day so NICE! And also to Sunshine Ridge owner Maria Rafferty and staff and to Nothing Bundt Cakes!

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