Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Post 31: New Lewes, Delaware Beach Painting Commission!! 12x24 Acrylic on Canvas (SOLD)

New Lewes, Delaware Beach Painting Commission

My very first commission has begun! I am so excited! Woohoo!

Painting Name: Lewes Delaware Beach 
SKU: #12AG20AC
Medium: Acrylic Painting
Size: 12 x 24 Stretched Canvas
Price: Commissioned, SOLD
Edition Year: 2020

This painting of the beach in Lewes, Delaware is no longer available, it has been sold.

This is the third version of the Lewes Delaware Beach of this painting with the sand dunes and boardwalk that I have painted. Everyone wants to be THERE - at the Beach!

And this is my friend, Aysen, next to the painting in its new home!

This is when it was nearly final, I think I can finish it up tomorrow, and the completed one will show above. The first one below is when I started it this morning (during the snow).

And this is the pretty close to final this evening. The light will be so much better in the AM to do any touch ups/details.

I do like painting this beach scene - even if it is the third time!! I'm very thankful, I think they turn out a little different each time - and that's ok 

If you want to commission me to do a similar painting for you, please contact me through this blog or go to Donna Liguria Art on Etsy at

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