Donna Liguria Art FAQs

  1. Do you accept commissions?
    Yes, I love to! I have been commissioned to do a number of pieces for clients and they have come back for more! I would need to know what size of painting you are interested in, if you have a time frame in mind, and I would need at least one good photo of your subject. More photos are better and any additional bits of info help too, for example: did you want to emphasize anything in particular in the photo? Commissions are subject to my availability as well of course.

  2. What do you like to paint the most? 
    Tough one to answer as I generally like all of my work. I do like painting water scenes and animals. Getting the eyes just right feels like a righteous, "Woohooo!"

  3. Have you always operated in the same mediums and styles?
    Growing up, I mostly painted in acrylics and did oils occasionally. I have practiced recently with watercolors, but acrylics are where I am living now. As far as style, I like painting as close to exactly as I see it as I can. That's photorealism in my book.

  4. Do you paint people?
    I am not comfortable painting people at this time. I have painted in some very small images of people in a few paintings, but until I get more practice in, painting people is not my forte right now.

  5. What are the payment terms for commissions?
    I am working on a commission contract. Typically, I take a third of the quoted price to pay for materials to get started and the remainder at pickup. (More on this later)

  6. Is there a return policy?
    In my Etsy Shop, there is a return policy according to their rules. There would be no returns on custom made artworks.

  7. Where can I shop for your paintings?
    I am on Etsy and that shop is https://www.etsy.com/shop/DonnaLiguriaArt. I'm working on Facebook Business page too.

  8. What shipping options are available, and do you ship internationally?

  9. How do you prefer to be contacted and when?
    Contacting me is preferably by email as I could be painting especially during the day! Text will work, but you should always give me an idea for your request and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Facebook message works too, but again, if I am painting, especially with acrylics and as fast as they dry...again, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  10. Do you accept visitors at your studio?
    No, my studio is in my home and not open to the public.

  11. Do you offer a Certificate of Authenticity?
    Yes, I have and I can.

  12. Where is your art currently on display? How can I see it?
    To see my art in person, I am currently on display at Clearbrook Center of the Arts at Tacketts Mill in Lake Ridge, VA (in Woodbridge). Clearbrook is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4. I am also on Etsy as noted above.

  13. Are you interested in being contacted by agents or galleries?

  14. What sizes of prints do you offer?
    Answer pending

  15. Do you use environmentally friendly and/or archival materials?
    Answer pending

  16. Do or have you accepted wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and/or interior designers?
    I haven't as yet but am open to the idea.

  17. Do you teach any art lessons, on video?
    I haven't as yet, who knows in the future!

  18. What do you consider to be something that every artist should have?
    Answer pending

  19. What inspires you?
    Nature, oceans, big blue sky, cute furry critters.

  20. Is there a story behind your paintings?
    There very well may be a story behind most of my paintings and they are all here on my blog. I would look at the keyword tags and find a topic you are interested in and see which blog posts and paintings pop up.

  21. How long have you been blogging about your art?
    Honestly, I only started this blog late 2020 so at the time of publishing, not quite a year. I appreciate the followers and the comments that people leave for me.

Written by Donna Liguria. Published on July 28, 2021. Updates are bound to occur.

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