Hanging Art

Hanging Art

There is how to hang art (the canvas itself) followed by a how and where to hang art (how to display the canvas). Two totally different subjects with a change of only the interrogative word (the How and the Where) and the hardware. Both can be challenging and both can be difficult. And most definitely, the bigger the art, the more complicated it can get. 

Tiger Face by Donna Liguria February 11, 2021

I was looking at this subject from the artist point of view first (I'm learning here too!).

  • Am I (as the artist) responsible for the hardware so that a purchaser can hang it? I'm thinking I am...
  • If so, how do I, do that?
  • And after getting a lot of canvases painted, how am I going to display them, at home or when I get to do a art expo of some sort?

Which also leads to the art owner, how do they get their art displayed when they get it home?

Here are a couple of important questions to ask yourself when it comes to displaying your art:

  1. How heavy is the canvas?
  2. Does it need the hardware to get it on the wall?
  3. What if its not a regular wall or is an unusual surface?
  4. What kind of hardware do I need?
  5. Does it need to be framed?
  6. Can I display it without putting a nail in the wall?

First things first. How to get that canvas ON the wall. I read recently in an art club's guide for hanging art especially for public display to NEVER use those jagged tooth metal do-dads on your quality canvases. Wire hanging was a MUST. 

So here are a few links and videos that help tackle both the Hows and the Wheres to get started. I guess I need to learn how to wire my canvases!

How to Hang Art Like a Professional by Amanda Sims

5 Easy Ways How to Hang Artwork Without Using Nails from https://www.parkwestgallery.com/

How to Hang a Painting With Frame Hanging Wire by Marion Boddy-Evans https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/hanging-a-painting-wire-d-rings-2578378

How to House: How to Hang Large Wall Art | HGTV from HGTV

How to Hang Wall Art Like a Pro! from ColorByFeliks - this one is really good, he shows how he wires the gallery wrapped canvas.

The 57″ Rule Will Help You Hang Art Perfectly Every Time by Maxwell Ryan - this one is great too for displaying your art.

Also, an interesting link to "Canvas Sizes: The Ultimate Guide for Every Living Space"

Belmont Bay Marina Occoquan, Virginia by Donna Liguria 2020

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Article by Donna Liguria, Published February 11, 2021

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