Monday, January 4, 2021

Post 41: Great Falls National Park in McLean, Virginia 11 x 14 Acrylic on Canvas

Painting Name: Great Falls National Park in McLean, Virginia

Medium: Acrylic
Size: 11x14 Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas
Price: SOLD
Framed?: No
Edition Year: 2021
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About this painting...

I was born in Alexandria, Virginia many moons ago and spent all the way to the 7th grade in what used to be Bryant Middle School and starting in Bucknell Elementary School. Then we moved to Louisa, Virginia where I went to high school. 

As a family when my brothers and I were young, I remember an outing to go to Great Falls in Fairfax County on nice summer day. Seems as if it took forever to get there as my mother and father spun tails of a grand day of seeing the waterfalls and other marvelous things. It may have been with cousins or family friends - if I recall correctly, a bunch of us and a picnic. The falls were impressive. But even more impressed upon my then young mind was that there was a carousel.

Colorful and wonderful, a carousel. White painted ponies swirling and bobbing up and down to the music - we HAD to ride the carousel. And that presented a purpose and a goal - the Golden Ring.

As the carousel circled, if you reached out and were able to nab a ring, the Golden Ring specifically, you won. 

What did we win? Slips memory and I may be able to ask my mom but it seems like another free ride on the carousel. We were discussing my next painting of Great Falls a few days ago and she said she had pictures of that day.

Maybe I can get copies of those pictures!

Now, the Great Falls National Park is not so far away from me. The ride only takes forever whenever the traffic is bad. (It's Northern Virginia, there is a laugh.)

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