Art Care

How are you supposed to care for the artwork you have come by?

So you have purchased a painting! Awesome, especially if it was from me!!
How do you take care of it?
Where should you hang it?
Where should you NOT hang it?
How do you store it?
How do you clean it?

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All very good questions. I have seen and heard about hanging artwork in a bathroom and cringed...that's usually NOT a good idea, especially next to a steamy shower. Anyway, others have written extensively about the subject so I will provide a few links here for the help we need to get those answers to those important questions - after all, somebody probably paid good money for that artwork!

Caring for Artwork:

Storing Artwork:

And for my fellow artists, here is an amusing, awesome video:

Now, you may want to hang that Picasso hanging next to the bathroom shower somewhere else, right?

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Article by Donna Liguria, Published January 7, 2021

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