Monday, June 21, 2021

Post 147: Streams Never Stay the Same 11x14 Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas Landscape

Painting Name: Streams Never Stay the Same

Medium: Acrylic
Size: 11x14 Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas
Edition Year: 2021
Framed?: No
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Update: September 22, 2021

This painting was entered into a juried event called "Best of the Region 4" - wish me luck! Creative Brush is once again hosting the Best of the Region 4, which is sponsored by p-ART-ners and the Manassas Art Guild

What Brought About this Painting?

The title of this painting comes from a quote by Gary Snyder
"Streams and mountains never stay the same."

Always changing in every way. The light that day, the rain that falls, the creatures that visit, the time of year, the color of the leaves and where the leaves are. Everything changes, nothing remains the same.

Landscapes are, for me at least, very relaxing to paint. Maybe to look at too, what do you think? 

Kind of makes me want to take off my shoes and roll up my pants legs and step into the water and wiggle my toes. Then look for any of the crawfish or minnow - any of the stream's wild life.

A tad bit of glare on the right side of the image when I took the photo of the painting. UGH, still learning how to fix that in PhotoShop.

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