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Post 312: Artist Support System

Artist Support System

Thank God for friends and family! Especially as an artist, trying to get your art "out there"! I don't know about how you got started in your art journey but I see many an artist, as a youngster, with our biggest fan -your very own mom- putting your major art works (or attempts) on the refrigerator attaching them with those little magnets. 

What Brought About Your Painting Journey?

Many thanks to the Moms out there with their mighty magnets! What an encouragement to the youngsters that explore with crayons, pens, pencils, paints and fingers, doodling and sketching. Maybe some artists take art in school, some go on to college and art classes in some form. Some are self-taught, others learn all the basics and art history in college. I'm the self-taught varietal. 

Thanks Mom - I know there were a LOT of horse sketches around, early on. And she still has this painting I did in my twenties (I think) of Sunday, our beloved dog from a LONG time ago. Hmmm, no cat paintings out of the many felines we had...

Sunday was our family dog when I was very small living in Alexandria, Virginia. Well, my Mom's dog truthfully. She loved Mom's slippers. One great dog.

Another one of my paintings that is at Mom's house from about 2005ish. Mom loves snow... My biggest art fan is a most demanding art patron.

Around 2005, this painting of hollyhocks is still at my Mom's house. Clouds were typically Virginia shaped, don't ask me why. They say, don't compare your art to other people's work but compare it to your own to see how far you've come.

At a friend's house and my version of a Thomas Kincaide's art above her fireplace, my brother (the Dave) in the foreground.

As we grow, sure, many artists take on other jobs to pay the bills, but our love of creating is always there, hovering. In my art journey, there were MANY detours. But periodically, a doodle or an art piece or project popped up. The thought was there briefly, "I still got it" when it was completed.

And then there comes a day, often later in life, when job changes or retirement comes and there is more time to create. And your family, your friends step in again with encouragement and support to help you on your way. Thanks to all those cousins, aunts and uncles, and awesome friends that offered art/work projects! Rooms, murals, canvases - painting jobs that allowed me opportunities to work and grow! And a BIG family always helps an artist's support system too!

Joining a local art group and building new friendships has been a marvelous opportunity too! The Prince William Art Society (PWAS) and the Manassas Art Guild (MAG) have both help develop many new friends and ways for my art to be seen.

Getting out to art show and art galleries is another way to show off what I do, often because of those art groups. Finding someone that LOVES what you do as much as you enjoyed creating it - well, that just makes your day!

Pictures of Paintings With Their New Owners

I have enjoyed getting pictures of family, friends and NEW friends that have purchased my art and I post them on my website whenever possible. Your continued support of me and my art are very much appreciated!

At a friend's house at the beach...
A painting from 2014 but I've done several versions of it in a few sizes since then.

The above painting in my friend's home. Having and seeing my art in its home is just simply one of life's pleasures. Thank you, my friend!

A painting as a birthday gift for a friend, her 2 little dogs in the foreground. 3x4 acrylic mini painting

A recent painting of "Wading Shackleford Pony" plus an art print of "No One Can Teach Riding so well as a Horse" on a friend's local art wall.

"Wading Shackleford Pony" 2023 Acrylic

At my brother's house in Louisa...
Another beach painting because he loved the first one or two I did.

A mini painting 3x4 Sea Turtle

A mini painting 3x4 bro and sis in law have a bird feeder at a nearby window and they see these characters.

And this wood plaque painting of the Blue Ridge Shores Main Beach - the way it was when we were kids. Oh the memories! I did some other wall plaques with real sand in them too!

And this is "There's No Place Like Home" (Dorothy's Ruby Slippers) and the peacock mini painting, both at my Aunt's house.

All this to say, thank you to all that have enjoyed and supported my artistic journey. You are all appreciated and I hope these little touches of me, in your homes, brings you joy each day.

Who can you thank that appreciated what you love to create?


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